The Perfect Valentines break

Our top Valentines destinations




Lee Travel have put together some of our favourite destinations for Valentines.


Top of our list is Prague. Snowflakes blowing across the Charles Bridge, listen to music recitals in candlelit churches, underground bars, firelit restaurants serving exquisite cuisine and the finest red wines. How could you not love Prague? Prague’s charms will have you awing with your loved one. Sip cocktails, visit impressive wine cellars before dinner and enjoy an elegant meal to finish off your night. No need to worry about rampaging stag parties, sit down relax and enjoy the ambient atmosphere that Prague offers.

You can fly to Prague from Dublin.




Vienna offers plenty of opportunities for you and your loved one gazing into each other’s eyes in Vienna – Coffee, cake, Coffee, Cake what more would you want? In February you could just be in luck with some snow to add to that romantic getaway. Drop into one of the cafes and enjoy the comfortable environment.


You can fly to Vienna from Dublin.




Gleaming mountains of snow make your city break even more romantic, leaving you with an unforgettable Valentines break. Perfect for a couple who are adventurous and want to enjoy some activities on their romantic break. Visit Alpeniglu village where you can curl up in your own igloo, stroll through the forest and have a candlelit dinner in the igloo dining room before snuggling up in cosy sleeping bags. You can even eat breakfast while watching the sun rise and ski down the mountains before the crowds arrive.


You can fly to Austria from Dublin.



Edinburgh is one of the UK’s favourite destinations for a weekend away, making it perfect for a magical Valentine break with your loved one. Enjoy a luxury experience by staying in one of the many hotels. Indulge in relaxing spas or go for a shopping trip on the famous Princes Street and the prestigious George Street.


You can fly to Edinburgh from Cork and Dublin.



Our list would not be complete without Paris! Paris has everything to offer when it comes to Valentine’s day. The city is filled with flowers, chocolates and champagne! Dine on the River Seine sipping Champagne indulging the scenery Paris has to offer from a different view.

Visit the top of the Eiffel tower or wander through the gardens of Rodin’s studio or even go to a concert in the Notre Dame Cathedral.


You can fly to Paris from Cork and Dublin


Lee Travel offer getaways to all the above locations and more! Our expertise will save you time wondering what to do on your perfect Valentine break! Contact for any enquiry you may have.