Easy Payment Option

 Easy Payments by Instalment

It’s possible to pay for most things in instalments these days, so we thought it would be a great idea to let you pay for your holiday this way too. We’ve even gone one better, you don’t have to commit to fixed amounts or set dates, you can pay as much or as little as you want, when it is convenient for you. 

Here’s How…

If you book a holiday with us and your departure date is 70 days or more from the date of booking you can choose to pay for your holiday in small instalments rather paying the whole amount in one go. (Providing that the balance is paid in full 70 days prior to departure)

If you book a tour with us and your departure date is 70 days or less from the date of booking you will be required to make full payment for all services you have booked, including tour, flights, accommodation, insurance, extra services etc.  


Booking Your 2017 Summer Holiday?

With your local Travel Agent you have the freedom and flexibility to make payments as often as you like….

Typical Family Holiday Price:                                               €1400.00
(2 Adults & 2 Kids for 1 Week in May)


Typical Family Deposit:                                                         -€200.00
(availing of low deposits currently on offer)


Make Average Weekly Payments of say                                -€20.00
Counting up 28 Weeks until your Balance would be due
(Taking 4 Weeks Out to Allow for Christmas!!)


It all adds up to €560.00 paid off your holiday!


Leaving you with a Balance of just                                        €640.00



To see our Family  Offers, Click Here.




Payment Options…

We accept Cash, Cheques, Bank Drafts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Diners & American Express. (Kindly note there is an administration charge on credit card payments.)

You can also complete an electronic ‘Bank Transfer’ which you can process via your bank on-line.  Just call or email us for a copy of our banking details.